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I have received a great deal of enjoyment from making custom masks and products for kids and adults. What brings me even more joy is using Masks and More as a way to give back to different communities. I love supporting individuals in my own community, as well as supporting my friends in Kenya. Since the beginning of Masks and More, I have organized many fundraisers and initiatives to show my support.

Mask Fundraisers

I have designed masks for specific occasions with the goal of donating a portion of the profits back to organizations. For example, I designed a variety of Remembrance Day masks and donated 10% of each sale to veterans in my community. I will continue to organize more of these fundraisers in the future.

Black masks with embroidered poppy

Sending Masks to Masai Mara

Most recently, I used the sales from mask purchases towards sending mask supplies to my friends in Masai Mara, a village in Kenya. So far, I have been able to send two large boxes of mask supplies to Masai Mara!

Women holding sheet of fabric

Providing Women in Kenya with Sanitary Products

My next project involves sending sanitary supplies to women in Kenya. No women should be deprived of these essential products, which is why Masks and More Sewing will be making this our next initiative. 

Some of you might remember that I travelled to the Masai Mara with student teachers when I was with Nipissing University. Beautiful people! However, in the Masai Mara in Kenya, girls face period poverty. They can’t go to school during menstruation because they have no sanitary pads or other protection. And because they must miss so many days of school, girls get overlooked for high school. 

The photo is of 2 girls who helped to sew masks for their community with the material I sent to them through Masks and More Sewing and 15% of the proceeds from the sale of masks this fall and winter will go to support this meaningful project. But I need help from other caring people to create equity for the girls to succeed above poverty for themselves and their communities.

Two girls holding pieces of fabric.
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